Bar Rules

Rule 4-204. Preliminary Investigation by Investigative Panel-Generally

Ethics & Discipline / Current Rules / Part IV (After January 1 / 2001) - Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct (also includes Disciplinary Proceedings and Advisory Opinion rules) / CHAPTER 2 DISCIPLINARY PROCEEDINGS

  1. Each grievance alleging conduct which appears to invoke the disciplinary jurisdiction of the State Disciplinary Board of the State Bar of Georgia shall be referred in accordance with Rule 4-204.1 by the Office of the General Counsel to the Investigative Panel or a subcommittee of the Investigative Panel for investigation and disposition in accordance with its rules. The Investigative Panel shall appoint one of its members to be responsible for the investigation. The Office of the General Counsel shall simultaneously assign a staff investigator to assist in the investigation. If the investigation of the Panel establishes probable cause to believe that the respondent has violated one or more of the provisions of Part IV, Chapter 1 of these Rules, it shall:
    1. issue a letter of admonition;
    2. issue an Investigative Panel Reprimand;
    3. issue a Notice of Discipline; or
    4. refer the case to the Supreme Court of Georgia for hearing before a Special Master and file a formal complaint with the Supreme Court of Georgia, all as hereinafter provided.
      All other cases may be either dismissed by the Investigative Panel or referred to the Fee Arbitration Committee or the Lawyer Assistance Program.
  2. The primary investigation shall be conducted by the staff investigators, the staff lawyers of the Office of the General Counsel, and the member of the Investigative Panel responsible for the investigation. The Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia shall fund the Office of the General Counsel so that the Office of the General Counsel will be able to adequately investigate and prosecute all cases.

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