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Standing Board Policy 800 (Confidentiality)

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / Standing Board Policy 800 (Confidentiality)


   The State Bar of Georgia is an administrative agency created by the Supreme Court of Georgia for the purposes of: (a) fostering among the members of the State Bar the principles of duty and service to the public; (b) improving the administration of justice; and (c) advancing the practice of law.
   The Policy on Confidentiality of the State Bar of Georgia establishes certain standards for the following persons who are elected, appointed, or serve ex officio: elected State Bar officers; members of the Board of Governors; members of the Bar's Executive Committee; officers and other members of the Executive Committee and Executive Council of the Young Lawyers Division; and employees and staff of the State Bar ("Covered Persons"). This Policy is intended to supplement, but not replace, any applicable state or federal laws or regulations applicable to the State Bar of Georgia or its members, as well as the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct and any other ethical rules or obligations governing Georgia lawyers.

Policy on Confidentiality

  1. A Covered Person, as defined in the Preamble to this policy, may have access to confidential, personal, or proprietary information that, if revealed to outsiders, could be damaging or sensitive to others or harmful to the best interests of the State Bar of Georgia. Information obtained by virtue of such person's position with the State Bar shall be held in the strictest of confidence and shall not be disclosed to any outside party, including other members of the State Bar, without the express written authorization of either the President, the Executive Director, or the General Counsel of the State Bar. "Confidential information" shall include, without limitation, matters discussed or handled in executive session and matters as to which the minutes of the proceeding reflect their confidential nature.
  2. Confidential information covered by this policy shall include, but not be limited to, information revealed under the State Bar of Georgia's Conflicts of Interest Policy.

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