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Rule 4-201. State Disciplinary Board
Rule 4-201.1. State Disciplinary Review Board
Rule 4-202. Receipt of Grievances; Initial Review by Bar Counsel
Rule 4-203. Powers and Duties
Rule 4-203.1. Uniform Service Rule
Rule 4-204. Investigation and Disposition by State Disciplinary Board-Generally
Rule 4-204.1. Notice of Investigation
Rule 4-204.2. This rule is reserved.
Rule 4-204.3. Answer to Notice of Investigation Required
Rule 4-204.4. Finding of Probable Cause; Referral to Special Master
Rule 4-204.5. Letters of Instruction
Rule 4-205. Confidential Discipline; In General
Rule 4-206. Confidential Discipline; Contents
Rule 4-207. Letters of Formal Admonition and Confidential Reprimands; Notification and Right of Rejection
Rule 4-208. Confidential Discipline; Effect in Event of Subsequent Discipline
Rule 4-208.1. Notice of Discipline
Rule 4-208.2. Notice of Discipline; Contents; Service
Rule 4-208.3. Rejection of Notice of Discipline
Rule 4-208.4. Formal Complaint Following Notice of Rejection of Discipline
Rule 4-209. Docketing by Supreme Court; Appointment of Special Master; Challenges to Special Master
Rule 4-209.1. Coordinating Special Master
Rule 4-209.2. Special Masters
Rule 4-209.3 Powers and Duties of the Coordinating Special Master
Rule 4-210. Powers and Duties of Special Masters
Rule 4-211. Formal Complaint; Service
Rule 4-211.1 Dismissal after Formal Complaint
Rule 4-212. Answer of Respondent; Discovery
Rule 4-213. Evidentiary Hearing
Rule 4-214. Report of the Special Master
Rule 4-215. Powers and Duties of the State Disciplinary Review Board
Rule 4-216. Proceedings Before the State Disciplinary Review Board
Rule 4-217. This rule is reserved.
Rule 4-218. Judgments
Rule 4-219. Publication and Protective Orders
Rule 4-220. Notice of Punishment or Acquittal; Administration of Reprimands
Rule 4-221. Hearing Procedures
Rule 4-222. Limitation
Rule 4-223. Advisory Opinions
Rule 4-224. Expungement of Records
Rule 4-225. Jurisdiction
Rule 4-226. Immunity
Rule 4-227. Petitions for Voluntary Discipline
Rule 4-228. Receiverships