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Professional Liability/Malpractice Providers

Explanation of Terms

"A"-Admitted. The company has met the minimum requirements established by statute and is authorized by the State of Georgia to write lawyer's professional liability business. The importance of being admitted includes not only the protection to the insured of having the backing of the state's regulatory authorities to assist if a problem arises, but also the fact that the guaranty fund laws generally apply only to licensed insurers.

"NA"-Non-admitted. The company is a surplus lines (non-admitted) carrier, which is a company that generally underwrites risks or parts of risks for which insurance is not available through an admitted company. The business is, therefore, placed with a non-admitted insurer (a company not licensed in the State of Georgia) in accordance with state surplus lines insurance laws.

"RRG"-Risk Retention Group. Risk Retention Groups are owner-controlled insurance companies authorized by the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986. An RRG will allow members who engage in similar or related business or activities to write liability insurance for all or any portion of the exposures of group members, excluding first party coverages, such as property, worker's compensation and personal lines. Authorization under the federal statute allows a group to be chartered in one state, but able to engage in the business of insurance in all states, subject to certain specific and limited restrictions. The Federal Act pre-empts state law in many significant ways.

"Multi-Line Agencies/Brokers". Organizations that represent both "Admitted" and "Non-Admitted" professional liability insurance carriers. They do not represent "RRGs."

For more comprehensive information, please call Kim Henry at 404-526-8621 or

You may also contact:
The Standing Committee on Lawyers' Professional Liability
American Bar Association
321 N. Clark St., 19th Floor
Chicago, IL 60610-4714


Allied World Insurance Company
Amanda Hickey, RPLU+, Vice President, E&O Division
469-248-4012 | 214-960-1589
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: Environmental, Entertainment, International, Patent work, Tax Opinions and Securities (except private placements) are excluded.
Size Guidelines: Writes firms with 3 to 100 attorneys

Ben Parks, Lead Georgia Representative
678-416-5741 | 800-367-2577
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: No restrictions, but area of practice may impact premium
Size Guidelines: Specialize in firms of 1-25 attorneys; will insure larger firms

Arch Insurance Company
Donna James
215-606-1682 | Fax: 866-637-5861
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: No blanket restrictions
Size Guidelines: Writes firms with 1-20 attorneys

Berkley Insurance Company
Donna Haroldson
312-800-6227 | 800-446-2100
Restrictions: Practice area impacts eligibility
Size Guidelines: Writes firms with 1-50 attorneys

Small Firm Contact (1-34 attorneys)
Maryanne Brenna
Email: | Website:

Large Firm Contacts (35+ attorneys)
Laura DiLallo
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: None, but practice area impacts premium
Size Guidelines: Writes firms of all sizes

General Star National Insurance Company ("GenStar")
Jock Wols
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: Patent Law & Cannabis Law
Size Guidelines: Writes firms with 1 to 20 attorneys

LawyerGuard (QBE Insurance Company)
Kevin J. Sullivan, Sr. Vice President Program Manager
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: Some AOP restrictions. Please call for details.

PT Pro (Nationwide/National Casualty Company)
Jock Wols
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: Attorneys practicing in a full-time capacity.
Size Guidelines: The program is designed for solo attorneys who practice in a part-time, pro bono or retired capacity, or attorney who provide legal services outside the scope of their employment.

Old Republic Insurance Company (Old Republic Professional)
Jackie Foresta, Senior Underwriting Assistant / Compliance Coordinator
312-750-8974 | 312-750-8800
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: None, but practice area impacts premium
Size Guidelines: Writes primary for firms with 7-60 attorneys, no restrictions on size of firm for excess

Protexure Lawyers (United States Fire Insurance Company)
Ryan Schwartz
877-569-4111 ext. 7015
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: Securities, Intellectual Property, Class Action Lead Counsel
Size Guidelines: Writes 1-5 attorney firms

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions (Underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation)
Debbie Bjes
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: None, but practice area impacts premium
Size Guidelines: Writes firms of all sizes

Travelers Casualty and Surety of America
Jim Jack, Travelers Bond & Specialty Insurance
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: Significant Patent, SEC, or Class Action/Mass Tort exposures
Size Guidelines: Writes firms of all sizes

Zurich North America
Sharon Eure Burns, Zurich North America-Alternative Markets
212-553-5651 | 800-442-2935
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: None
Size Guidelines: Writes firms of all sizes

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Admiral Insurance Company
Donna Haroldson
312-800-6227 | PH: 800-446-2100
Restrictions: Practice area impacts eligibility
Size Guidelines: Writes firms with 1 to 50 attorneys

Allied World Surplus Lines Insurance Company (f.k.a. Darwin Select Insurance)
Amanda Hickey, RPLU+, Assistant Vice President, E&O Division
469-248-4012 | 214-600-1589
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: Focus on distressed firms including those with severity or frequency of claims, attorney misconduct and law firm financial or economic adversity. Comprehensive risk management and remedial services available. Focus also on hard-to-place areas of practice, including: high-value plaintiff work (including medical malpractice and class action), collections, securities, environmental and entertainment. One restriction: No patent prosecution (but will offer coverage to other types of intellectual property firms, e.g. trademark-copyright, IP litigation).
Size Guidelines: Writes firms with 3 to 100 attorneys

Lloyd's of London - Beazley Syndicate
Michele McCrohan
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: No restrictions, specialize in hard-to-place and difficult area of practice situation
Size Guidelines: Writes firms of all sizes

Watford Specialty Insurance Company
Andrew A. Biggio, First Indemnity Insurance Agency, Inc.
781-581-2500 | 800-982-1151
Email: | Website:
Restrictions: No Restrictions
Size Guidelines: Writes firms with 1 to 100 attorneys

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Risk Retention Group

Attorneys' Liability Assurance Society, Inc. (ALAS)
Nancy Montroy
Restrictions: None
Size Guidelines: Writes firms of 35 or more attorneys

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Multi-Line Agencies/Brokers

Alden and Associates, Inc.
Edward F. Alden, CPCU, ARM, CIC
770-518-9943 | Cell: 770-367-0412
Email: | Website:

Aon Attorneys Advantage
Jason R. Taylor
267-282-6367 | Cell: 267-449-2386
Email: | Website:

Asset Guidance Group, LLC
Wallace R. Nichols Jr.
EMail: | Website:

Attorneys First Insurance
Phyllis Hunt
PH: 727-799-9840
Email: | Website:

Brown & Brown Insurance / Professional Services Plans
Insurance Solutions for Attorneys
Bridget Cunningham
800-467-8734 Ext. 14324
Email: | Website:

C&R Insurance Services, LLC
Melanie Thomas
Email: | Website:

Daniels-Head Insurance Agency, Inc. (DHIA)
Email: | Website:

Email: | Website:

Hooff Specialty Risk Advisors, LLC 
Gene Hooff
E-mail: | Website:

Insurance Specialists, Inc. 
Doug Johnson
E-mail: | Website:

The Leavitt Group of Atlanta
Matt Sinderman
Email: | Website:

L Squared Insurance Agency, LLC
Justin Norcross
Email: | Website:

Member Benefits, Inc.
(Recommended Broker)
Email: | Website:

Mercer Health & Benefits Administration, LLC
Sharon Ecker
Email: | Website:

Pearl Insurance
Chris Edwards
Email: | Website:

ProSource Insurance Services
Weston Lemoine
800-680-6761 Ext. 5
Email: | Website:

Synergy Professional Associates, Inc.
Michele McCrohan

Ira J. Dawer
Email: | Website:

Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance
Scotty Hall
Email: | Website:

Walker & Company, Inc.
Brett Walker
Email: | Website:

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Inclusion on this list of Professional Liability/Malpractice Providers does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the State Bar of Georgia.