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 IV. Awareness

The consciousness of Georgia lawyers about professionalism has been raised through the Lawyer's Creed and Aspirational Statement, Mission Statement of the Commission, CLE requirement, convocations, town hall meetings, law school professionalism programs, and publications focusing on various aspects of professionalism.  Scores of lawyers throughout the state have volunteered to participate in the professionalism effort through serving as speakers, panelists, and facilitators at CLE events and the law school programs, as mentors, and as authors of published articles and columns on professionalism.  Professionalism has become a shorthand way of communicating the values of competence, civility, honesty, integrity, responsibility for public, pro bono, and community service.  A state trial court judge remarked, "Ten years ago, if I had called two lawyers into my chambers and asked them to act more professionally, it would not have meant a lot.  Now, it does, because of discussions like this."