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  1. How can I determine the number of CLE hours offered by an ICLE program?

    The CLE credit hours offered by each program are listed on the registration page. The hours are listed in the order below:

    Total CLE Hours/Legal Ethics Hours/ Professionalism Hours/ Trial Practice Hours

    Total CLE Hours –The total CLE credit hours that a program provides. The other 3 designations represent specialty credits and are not added to the Total CLE Hours.
    Legal Ethics Hours – The number of legal ethics hours the program provides.
    Professionalism Hours – The number of professionalism hours the program provides.
    Trial Practice Hours – The number of trial practice hours the program provides.

  2. How do I register for an ICLE program?

    First, log into your State Bar of Georgia account at If you do not remember your Username or Password, please contact the State Bar of Georgia’s Membership Department at:

    If you are not a member of the State Bar of Georgia and you would like to register for an ICLE program, please contact ICLE at:

    Once you are logged in, select ICLE Programs from the CLE dropdown menu located near the top of the webpage. All ICLE programs are listed here. Choose which program suits your educational needs and click the program tile. 

    You will then transition to the program landing page, which contains a “Register Now” button at the bottom. Click the “Register Now” button to transition to the program details page. Select the desired ticket option, and click “Register Now” at the bottom of the program details page. 

    You will then transition to a page that requests your registration details and payment. Once payment is complete, a receipt will be automatically sent to the email address you have on file with the State Bar of Georgia’s Membership Department. If you choose a webcast program, the webcast link will be included in the emailed receipt. 

    If you have logged into your State Bar of Georgia account and still have issues registering, please email ICLE at You can also complete the registration portion of the brochure located on the program landing page. Mail the form along with full payment to:

    P.O. Box 117210
    Atlanta, GA 30368-7210

    ICLE cannot accept payment via email or fax.

    Please note the following for mail-in registrations:

    Mail-in registrations MUST be postmarked 7 business days prior to the program date in order to receive the advance registration rate and to ensure ICLE receives your registration prior to the program. If your payment is postmarked after that time, please ensure that you include the onsite registration fee. Should your payment not reach ICLE prior to the program, you will not be allowed entry into the program without payment of the onsite registration fee. Should your payment arrive after the program, ICLE will return or refund your mailed payment. Please note, ICLE must receive the correct registration fee in order to report CLE credit. Any registrations received without the proper registration fee cannot be fully processed. Please note, mail-in registrations are not guaranteed admittance.

  3. How is CLE credit reported, and what is the reporting timeline?

    Please allow 15 business days post-program completion for ICLE to report Georgia CLE credits. Reported credits will reflect the program date or on-demand purchase date as applicable. Due to the nature of the reporting process, we are unable to expedite this timeline.    

    Please contact ICLE if more than 15 business days have elapsed since you completed an ICLE program and the program is not reflected in your CLE Summary.

  4. ICLE Speakers and Members of Other Jurisdictions/Entities: How do I obtain Georgia CLE credit for an ICLE presentation and how is Georgia CLE credit reported to other jurisdictions/entities?

    ICLE speakers must submit a completed Certificate of Attendance (COA) within 3 business days of the program to receive Georgia CLE credit. Once ICLE receives the completed form, the earned CLE credit will be reported to the State Bar of Georgia CLE Regulation Department. 

    ICLE only reports CLE credits to the State Bar of Georgia CLE Regulation Department, and certain other entities as published on the program brochure. 

    To self-report to another entity, submit a completed COA along with a copy of the program brochure to the entity from which you request CLE credit. Other entities reserve the right to approve or deny the request. As such, ICLE cannot guarantee that CLE credit will be granted for any entity other than the State Bar of Georgia. If you do not have the COA, you may request one from

  5. What does "self-study" mean?

    Self-study is the term used for programs viewed online. Currently our livestream and on-demand programs earn self-study credit. 

  6. Where should I direct questions regarding my CLE Summary or general inquiries regarding yearly CLE requirements and compliance status?

    ICLE automatically reports Georgia CLE credit for ICLE sponsored programs to the State Bar of Georgia CLE Regulation Department. Any questions regarding CLE credit earned from attending an ICLE program should be directed to:   

    CLE requirements and compliance inquiries should be directed to the State Bar of Georgia CLE Regulation Department at:

  7. Who should I contact with questions regarding ICLE programs and registration?

    Any questions regarding ICLE programming or registration should be directed to