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  1. A woman came to my office for help with her divorce case, but there is another lawyer representing her now. May I speak with her?

    If you are unable to keep your reserved date, you must notify us by reply email or phone within three business days of the date on which your "Looking Forward to Seeing You at Journey Through Justice!" email was sent, so that a school on the waiting list will have sufficient time to reserve their bus and complete any other field trip paperwork requirements. If you cancel after this three-business-day window, you will not be allowed to take a Journey Through Justice during the following school year. If you subsequently decide that you still want to come to Journey Through Justice in the current school year, and your previously reserved date (or an alternate date) is available, you may do so; however, this will not affect your placement on the following year's exclusion list.

    We realize that sometimes you must cancel a Journey Through Justice with less than six weeks' notice due to circumstances beyond your control. Should that happen, we will be happy to discuss the situation with you before placing you on the exclusion list for the following year. Please note, however, that the following are among the circumstances which will not be considered beyond your control: failure to obtain or scheduled transportation; failure to obtain necessary approval from your school or district administration; testing dates; other school activities; poor behavior by your students; and lack of interest among your students.

  2. How do I obtain a disciplinary history?

    Any member seeking a disciplinary history that includes information about grievances or actions that are currently pending in confidential status, or about private discipline, should send their written request to the Office of the General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia, 104 Marietta Street, Suite 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, Attn: Deloise Mathews. The request must include the member's explicit authorization to release such information. Requests sent via email are not accepted. There is no cost to a member requesting their own disciplinary history.

  3. May I take a new case if it will require me to sue a former client?


  4. What if I don't belong to a homeschool group, I can't come on the date my homeschool group has selected, or my group does not have the minimum 20 students?

    We offer Homeschool Week during the first full week of January. The dates for the 2016 Homeschool Week are Jan. 4-8, 2016. Homeschool Week registrations will be based on your child's grade level: 4th and 5th grade on Monday; middle school on Tuesday and Wednesday; and high school on Friday, with a maximum of 50 students per day. If your children cross these grade divisions, you may register older children on a younger day to avoid making multiple trips to the Bar; younger children may not register for older days. To register for Homeschool Week, complete the Homeschool Week Registration Form HERE and then email your completed registration form to us at homeschool_week@gabar.org.

  5. What is the minimum number of students for a Journey Through Justice?

    The minimum number of students required for a Journey Through Justice is 20. Groups which arrive with fewer than 20 students will be asked to leave and reschedule.

  6. Where can I file a complaint against my attorney or report a problem with my attorney?

    The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) of the State Bar of Georgia handles problems between attorneys and clients. CAP has many ways to help solve your problems. For general and statistical information about CAP, please see the CAP Web page. If you wish to speak to a CAP Administrator, please call 1-800-334-6865 and ask for the CAP line, or dial direct to 404-527-8759. CAP cannot receive inquiries by email.