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The State Bar of Georgia is soliciting applications for the position of Executive Director.


The State Bar of Georgia is a unified bar; under the supervision of the Supreme Court of Georgia, it is the governing body of the legal profession in Georgia. The State Bar of Georgia was created for the purposes of fostering among its members the principles of duty and service to the public; improving the administration of justice; and advancing the science of law. 

The Executive Director is elected by the State Bar’s Board of Governors and performs the duties prescribed by the Board of Governors (or as authorized, the Executive Committee) and those delegated by the President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Director is responsible for managing and executing the operations of the State Bar of Georgia and its offices, and implementing the policies, programs and objectives set by the Board of Governors. 

The Supreme Court of Georgia enforces the ethics rules and discipline of Bar members through the Office of the General Counsel. That office reports to the Supreme Court, not to the Executive Director. Reference to duties described in this Description generally refer to the State Bar Offices with the exception of the Office of the General Counsel. 


  • A law degree from an ABA approved law school is preferred; a lawyer holding the position who is not a member of the Georgia Bar shall promptly apply for admission. A law degree is not required with prior executive management experience in a large comparably complex organization.



  • Demonstrated ability to manage a diverse and complex organization
  • Facility with financial management and oversight, including budgeting and project management
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships and teamwork, internally and externally
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Effective organizational skills, including project management, issues management, planning, and personnel management
  • Working knowledge of the legislative process.




  • Implements the policies, programs and objectives set by the Officers, Executive Committee, Board of Governors, and the Supreme Court of Georgia

Administration and Management

  • Responsible for all State Bar operations
  • Manages in a manner designed to keep the State Bar Offices a workplace valued by its staff, providing a culture where staff is supported, consulted and held accountable to the achievement of clearly defined results. 
  • Demonstrates a recognition of the value of, commitment to and intention about diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace and the legal profession.
  • Collaborates with the Office of General Counsel on matters that intersect OGC and State Bar Administration
  • Defines the duties of the staff and delegate those responsibilities of management as shall be in the best interest of the State Bar
  • Directly supervises the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Directors of Governmental Affairs, Human Resources and ICLE.
  • While respecting reporting chains, maintains and communicates an open door policy; provides counsel to staff members


  • Works with each new President to create and facilitate goals
  • Manages each President’s special projects
  • Sets the calendar for Executive Committee Meetings for the year
  • Ensures continuity of programs from year to year (President to President)
  • Serves as adviser and confidante to all officers

Board of Governors and Executive Committee 

  • Is the repository of information relating to the State Bar; collects and maintains a file of items for future Executive Committee and Board of Governors agendas by monitoring media, various legal publications, State Bar committee minutes, etc.
  • Prepares Executive Committee and Board of Governors agendas for review by the President
  • Edits and proofs Executive Committee and Board of Governors minutes
  • Prepares historical perspective of proposed policies, programs, etc., if needed


  • Writes Executive Director’s column for Georgia Bar Journal
  • Interacts with media as needed to back up officers on important matters
  • Interacts with State Bar members and lay people as needed to deal with significant issues, respond to inquiries and complaints, and provide or facilitate provision of requested information
  • Interacts with the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government, other bar associations and law schools as requested, to advance the goals and agenda of the Bar
  • Prepares information summaries as needed to assist bar leaders in their leadership positions, and in resolving policy and other disputes

Bar Center

  • Implements Bar Center policies and recommends any needed policy changes
  • Manages all building issues (e.g. City of Atlanta; tenant issues)
  • Oversees building maintenance company
  • Negotiates and prepares tenant leases, amendments and renewals
  • Conducts tours of the Bar Center for important guests


  • Ensures the fiscal integrity of the State Bar; supervises all financial matters (audit, insurance, pension, budget, personnel)
  • Prepares and analyzes reports regarding the impact of proposed new policies on the State Bar’s financial condition
  • Meets with financial institutions and other financial sources as required to obtain financial support, if needed

State Bar Committees

  • Oversees and acts as a resource for State Bar committees 
  • Detects the need for new committees and reports his or her findings to the Officers and Board of Governors
  • Detects the need to modify or delete any existing committees and reports his or her findings to the Officers and Board of Governors


  • Maintains cutting edge knowledge of issues impacting the mission and goals of the State Bar of Georgia, such as the evolution of the profession and the practice of law, best practices in legal organizations as well as current and future challenges impacting the Bar and its members and systematically communicate such knowledge to leadership and Bar staff.


  • Attends all meetings of
    • Board of Governors 
    • Executive Committee
    • Bar Center Committee
    • Advisory Committee on Legislation
    • Finance Committee
    • Personnel Committee
    • Pension Plan Committee
  • Serves as a Representative of the State Bar of Georgia with peer groups and other professional groups related to the legal profession, including 
    • The American Bar Association (ABA) (Annual and Midyear meetings)
    • National Association of Bar Executives (NABE)
    • National Conference of Bar Presidents (NCBP)
    • Southern Conference of Bar Presidents (SCBP)
  • Is Liaison to Central Atlanta Progress (downtown Atlanta development organization)

Indications of interest, inquiries, applications and nominations should be directed by email to: 

Barbara Mendel Mayden
Young Mayden, LLC

The deadline for submissions is Friday, Aug. 21. 

The State Bar of Georgia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.