Teacher Resources

The LRE program exists to serve teachers in their efforts to teach about the law in their classes, by developing curriculum material for grades K-12 and holding workshops on various aspects of law-related education. These workshops are designed for teachers who want basic training in law-related education, law-related education resources and teaching strategies, as well as basic substantive information about such areas as the civil, criminal and juvenile justice processes; the federal and state court systems; and alternative dispute resolution.

Lesson Plans

GPS Correlations, Grades K-3
Download the GPS correlations for Foundations in LRE: Grades K-3. The Foundations binders are available to teachers who attend our workshops.

GPS Correlations, Grades 4-7
Download the GPS correlations for Foundations in LRE: Grades 4-7. The Foundations binders are available to teachers who attend our workshops.

Lesson Plan: Let's Not Kill the Water (K-1)
SSKCG1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of good citizenship.

Lesson Plan: Bicycle Safety for Everyone (2-3)
SS2CG1: The student will define the concept of government and the need for rules and laws.

Lesson Plan: AIDS Discrimination in the Schools (4-5)
SS4CG3: The student will describe the functions of government.
SS4CG4: The student will explain the importance of Americans sharing certain central democratic beliefs and principles, both personal and civic.

Lesson Plan: The Private "I": Whose "I" Matters Most? (6-7)
Explains how the social institutions influence the attitudes and behavior of people. Describes the ways in which a citizen participates in the various types of government in the Americas.

Lesson Plan: Mending Wall and the Separation of Powers (9-12)
SSCG3: The student will demonstrate understanding of the United States Constitution.
SSCG4: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the organization and powers of the national government.
SSCG16: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the operation of the federal judiciary.

Teacher Workshops

For more information about LRE Teacher Workshops, view our list of available workshops.

"An Introduction to Law in Georgia" Textbook

This textbook is designed for Georgia students to cover many of the civic and government standards set by the state for the ninth-through twelfth-grade social studies curriculum, as well as some of the Georgia Studies standards for the eighth-grade social studies curriculum. The objectives are threefold: to give young people an understanding of the laws that govern them, both nationally and in Georgia; to involve students in realistic situations and cases that demonstrate legal principles and actions; and to illustrate how the law affects their daily lives. A teacher's manual is available for teachers who attend our workshops. View the textbook.

PLEASE NOTE that the textbook was last updated in 2004 and is provided on this site solely for use as an additional classroom resource. Changes in the law since 2004 may affect the accuracy of some portions of the textbook. Teachers should conduct their own research before relying on any statement in the textbook as an accurate representation of current Georgia law. Teachers may contact Deborah Craytor, the director of the Law-Related Education Program, at 404-527-8785 or deborahcc@gabar.org, if they need assistance.

LRE Circuit Newsletter

Download the current issue of The LRE Curcuit, the State Bar of Georgia's LRE newsletter.

Other Resources

LRE Education Resources
View our list of selected law-related education resources, including lesson plan websites, links for juvenile justice information, and state and national law-related education websites.

Trial by Jury: What's the Big Deal
"Trial By Jury: What's the Big Deal?" is an animated presentation for high school civics classes in Georgia to increase court literacy among young people. View the video.

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