Team Information

Registration for 2015 Season

Registration for the 2015 season has closed. The postmark deadline for all team registrations was Nov. 1.

May It Please the Court

Teams wishing to order a copy of May It Please the Court can do so using this order form.

Region Assignments

2015 Region assignments have been made. Region assignments may be modified throughout the season as needs arise within Regions. Affected teams will be notified of any changes to their assignment as soon as possible.

Logistical information for each Regional competition has been posted to the Competition Information page. It includes addresses and a basic schedule for the competition. More detailed information was e-mailed to each team's primary teacher coach on January 7.

2015 Season Materials

Registered teams will receive a unique username and password to access the case materials. This information will be included on the registration confirmation sent by the Mock Trial office to registered teams once the registration materials have been received and processed by the office. Once the information is sent to the primary teacher coach, the Mock Trial office will only release any username or password information to primary Teacher Coaches who contact the Mock Trial office via the Teacher Coach's e-mail on file with the office. All other requests will be directed to the primary Teacher Coach for the team.

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