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Find a Lawyer

There comes a time in nearly everyone's life where the services of a lawyer are required. To help in this process, we offer the following suggestions to aid and assist individuals and businesses in choosing a lawyer. 

  1. Read our pamphlet "How to Choose a Lawyer" for many ideas and suggestions.
  2. Many local and voluntary bar associations in your area offer referrals. Visit our list of local and voluntary bars or consult your local telephone directory.
  3. Ask other lawyers for referrals in areas in which they do not practice. Additionally, other good sources could be friends, teachers, employers, co-workers, ministers, relatives, neighbors or anyone you trust whose lawyer(s) have done a good job.
  4. If your household is low-income, you may qualify for free civil legal services or pro bono (no charge) services.
  5. There are several other lawyer referral service organizations that have complied with the filing requirements of the State Bar of Georgia. Click here for information regarding the filing requirements and the organizations.

Although the State Bar is not able to directly refer clients to lawyers, we hope these resources will help you in choosing the right lawyer for you.