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Group Administration

Anyone with CommonSpot Administrator rights can create new groups and manage existing groups for which he or she has either explicit or indirect administrative rights, through membership in the relevant group. Authenticated admins have rights to manage groups that have no assigned administrator.

For security purposes CommonSpot automatically creates and maintains three internal groups not defined to the Group Administration interface. You may see these groups listed with security assignments or exclusions (under Element security, for example), but you cannot view them or their members through Group Administration.

Important Note: You cannot edit or delete the following groups:

Anonymous Users - Users not logged in to CommonSpot are automatically members of this group. This group has no administrator and cannot belong to any other group.

Authenticated Users - Users who successfully log into CommonSpot are automatically members of this group.

CommonSpot Contributors - Users designated as contributors (Shared or Dedicated) are automatically members of this group.

Note: CommonSpot excludes users who are not members of this group from most administrative and editing functions, even if you explicitly grant them permissions through CommonSpot Administration.

Create and manage groups by clicking Admin - Group Administration. The Group Administration dialog displays.

To edit or view the group name or description, click the edit icon. To edit or view the group membership, click the group icon.

You can filter groups with expired users or create new groups. CommonSpot provides a report enabling you to view groups with no administrator to improve security at your site. Click Groups with No Administrator from the Show dropdown to view this report

Click the link in the Members column to review who is in each group. Click the security icon to assign administrators.

Click Add New Group to open the New Group dialog. Click Show groups with expired users to open the Groups with Expired Users dialog.

To delete a group, use the icon, or select multiple users, click Delete Selected from the More Actions dropdown, and click Go.


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