Bar Rules

Section 13. Recount.

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / State Bar of Georgia Bylaws / ARTICLE VII NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS / Section 13. Recount.

Any candidate dissatisfied with the result of the count by the Election Committee in his or her election contest may request within two days of the date upon which the count is completed, a recount of the ballots pertaining to the election by filing a request in writing with the Executive Director. The President shall appoint a recount committee composed of persons who are not members of the Election Committee. As soon as practicable, but not less than three days prior to the Wednesday of the week during which the annual meeting of the State Bar is scheduled, the Recount Committee shall count the ballots pertaining to all elections in which a recount has been requested, examine the ballots not counted, determine the number of votes validly cast for each candidate in the election, and immediately report the results to the President who shall announce the results at the first plenary session during that annual meeting. The results of the recount shall be final.

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