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Section 6. Officer Elections

Organization of the State Bar & Admissions / Bylaws of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia / ARTICLE VII ELECTIONS / Section 6. Officer Elections

At the close of the nominations for president-elect, secretary and treasurer, the Election Committee shall cause ballots to be prepared. No later than the Election Commencement Date, each YLD member shall be provided with a ballot for the election of president-elect, secretary and treasurer.

(a) Voter List. A voter list shall be prepared from the current Young Lawyers Division membership and each YLD member shall be given a identifying number.

(b) Content of Ballots. Each ballot shall have printed thereon (1) the name of each person duly nominated for each position, (2) space for a write-in for each position, (3) instructions as to the method by which a vote for a particular candidate shall be indicated, and (4) the last day on which a ballot must be received at the Headquarters of the Young Lawyers Division (which date shall annually be fixed by the Election Committee). The ballot shall not contain the YLD member's identifying number.

(c) Identifying Number. The identifying number of the YLD member shall be indicated on the envelope or other method by which the YLD member delivers his or her vote.

(d) Voting. Each YLD member desiring to vote shall mark his or her ballot according to the instructions thereon and shall return the ballot on or before the date specified by the Election Committee. Only ballots returned by YLD members who are eligible to vote on or before said date shall be counted.

(e) Counting and Report. The Election Committee may utilize and employ such impartial accounting and clerical assistance as it may deem necessary to count the votes. The Election Committee shall report the results at the next Annual Meeting.

(f) Recount. Any candidate dissatisfied with the result of the count as to his or her election may request, within six hours after the result has been reported at the Annual Meeting, a recount of the ballots pertaining to his or her election by filing such request in writing with the then current president. The president shall forthwith appoint a Recount Committee (which shall be composed of persons different from the Election Committee) which shall, as soon as practical, recount the ballots pertaining to all elections in which a recount has been requested and examine the ballots not counted, determine the number of votes validly cast for the candidates in such election, and report the results. The results determined by the Recount Committee shall be final and not subject to further challenge.

(g) Declaration of Results of Elections. The candidate receiving the majority of the votes in each election (according to the report of the Election Committee, or the Recount Committee as the case may be) shall be declared elected. In computing the number of votes cast in each election for the purpose of determining the number constituting a majority thereof, there shall be excluded from such computation the votes cast for a "write-in" candidate receiving less than 2% of the total votes cast in such election.

(h) Run-off. In all instances where there are more than two (2) candidates for any office of president-elect, secretary or treasurer and no one of such candidates receives a majority of the votes cast in the election to fill such office, the Executive Council shall, within 10 days from the date of the report of the Election Committee, or the Recount Committee as the case may be, make and announce to the membership adequate provisions for a run-off election between the candidates receiving the two (2) highest number of votes, which said run-off shall be held not later than thirty (30) days from the date of the report of the Election or Recount Committee, and shall be conducted in all respects as provided in these Bylaws for regular elections; provided that the incumbent holder of the position shall continue to serve until his or her successor is determined.

(i) Coordination with State Bar of Georgia Elections. The time periods dealing with nomination and election of the president-elect, secretary and treasurer may be changed at the discretion of the Nominating Committee and the Election Committee to facilitate a reduction in the cost of the election of these offices if the election can be coordinated with the election of officers of the State Bar of Georgia.

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