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  1. Journey Through Justice tours are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, and we begin accepting reservations five years in advance. Determine which dates are available by clicking the calendar HERE and confirm that your preferred date does not conflict with your school calendar (holidays, early release dates, testing). You may book a tour by contacting a member of the Law-Related Education Department:

    Deborah Craytor, director, Law-Related Education
    Email: deborahcc@gabar.org
    Phone: 404-527-8785

    Shannon Jenkins, program assistant, Law-Related Education
    Email: shannonj@gabar.org
    Phone: 404-526-8617

  2. How did SOLACE originate?

    Bar Rule 1-207 requires that all members maintain a valid official address and phone number with the State Bar of Georgia. All address changes must be in writing by one of the following methods: (1) logging into the member's account at www.gabar.org and selecting "Edit Contact Information", (2) emailing the Membership Department at membership@gabar.org or (3) mailing information to State Bar headquarters, attention Membership Department. 

    If a member does not want their contact information visible in the printed or online directories, they may contact Membership at 404-527-8777 or email membership@gabar.org and request their information be marked private. Their firm/employer name, street address, phone, fax and email addresses will be hidden from public view. To release the privacy restriction, the Membership Department must be contacted. 

  3. A woman came to my office for help with her divorce case, but there is another lawyer representing her now. May I speak with her?

    The Program was submitted to and approved by the Executive Committee and Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia and ultimately by the Georgia Supreme Court by Order dated February 24, 2000. The Supreme Court adopted Rules governing the operation of the Program which are found at Part XIII of the Rules and Regulations for the Organization and Regulation of the State Bar of Georgia ("Bar Rules"). At the same time, the Supreme Court approved Internal Operating Procedures for the administration of the Program and granted the Bench and Bar Committee of the State Bar authority to adopt additional Operating Procedures not inconsistent with the Rules.

  4. How does a Beginning Lawyer enroll in TILPP?

    Beginning Lawyers don’t enroll in TILPP until after admission to practice in Georgia. Once admitted to practice, the TILPP Enrollment form is a portion of the material submitted when registering with the State Bar of Georgia. When the TILPP Enrollment form is received and processed, Beginning Lawyers are given additional TILPP compliance information, including a checklist and manuals. COMPLIANCE WITH TILPP IS MANDATORY. State Bar enrollment materials must include TILPP Enrollment form.

  5. How many SOLACE emails will I receive?

    Each SOLACE request generates only one email. You can expect to receive one or two emails per month. If you are able to assist, the email will contain information regarding how to contact the person in need or that person’s representative. If you are not able to assist, there will be no further contacts regarding the request.

  6. Yes

    Confidentiality is of paramount concern. If you have a need, a SOLACE coordinator will work with you to write an email that explains the need and maintains your confidentiality. You will need to provide contact information for potential donors, but you are encouraged to use an anonymous email address for this purpose if you are concerned about confidentiality. Depending on the nature of the request, you may also wish to designate a family member to receive the SOLACE responses.

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