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  1. Can CLE hours be carried forward?

    Any lawyer or judge and anyone who is employed by a law firm, a court, or the State Bar of Georgia, and their family members (wherever they may be located), are eligible for assistance through SOLACE. As we do not have the capacity to do all things for all people, the scope of the SOLACE program is limited to the categories listed.

  2. Can any CLE hours be taken by online or other distance learning format?

    SOLACE is a network of individuals within the legal community who are willing to consider assisting others in need because of a sudden catastrophic event such as illness, injury, fire or natural disaster. It is administered through the State Bar of Georgia. Ken Shigley, a past president of the State Bar of Georgia and chair of the SOLACE Committee, coordinates requests and responses. Other coordinators may be designated in the future.

  3. How am I notified if my hours are deficient?

    Each SOLACE request generates only one email. You can expect to receive one or two emails per month. If you are able to assist, the email will contain information regarding how to contact the person in need or that person’s representative. If you are not able to assist, there will be no further contacts regarding the request.

  4. How are CLE exemptions taken by attorneys?

    Complete the Exemption Affidavit which is a portion of the paperwork required in order to enroll with the State Bar of Georgia.

  5. How can I best comply with my MCLE requirements?

    Confidentiality is of paramount concern. If you have a need, a SOLACE coordinator will work with you to write an email that explains the need and maintains your confidentiality. You will need to provide contact information for potential donors, but you are encouraged to use an anonymous email address for this purpose if you are concerned about confidentiality. Depending on the nature of the request, you may also wish to designate a family member to receive the SOLACE responses.

  6. How can I view my CLE record?

    A judicial law clerk is not exempt, but he or she is deferred from TILPP compliance during the term of the clerkship. Although compliance is deferred, a judicial law clerk must still enroll with the Program using a form provided with State Bar of Georgia enrollment materials (Rule 8-104 (B)(1)(b)).

  7. If I am inactive and wish to take CLE hours anyway are there any restrictions?

    Up to two years of CLE hours (24 credit hours) taken while inactive can be carried over and applied when you reactivate.

  8. If I live out of state and do not practice in Georgia, am I required to go inactive?

    You are not required to change to inactive status. In order to eliminate the CLE requirement if you are not practicing in Georgia and live out of state, you may file an out of state exemption. Please contact CLE at 404-527-8710 for additional information about CLE.

  9. What are sponsor fees and attorney fees?

    SOLACE started in Louisiana. It was conceived by United States District Court Judge Jay Zainey of New Orleans as a way for the bar to reach out in a meaningful way when a member of the legal community suffered a loss or developed a need as the result of a sudden catastrophic event.

  10. What happens in the event an attorney fails to comply with the Mandatory CLE program?

    SOLACE will not solicit cash contributions. The point of SOLACE is to tap into the legal community’s network of contacts. Often what is needed is in-kind donations or non-monetary assistance such as transportation, housing, or a medical referral. Any monetary donations that SOLACE receives will be returned to the donor.

  11. What is the Annual Report?

    To submit a request for SOLACE assistance for yourself or another member of the legal community, start with an email to SOLACE@gabar.org, briefly identifying and describing the crisis and needs.

  12. What is the yearly CLE requirement?

    TILPP consists of two (2) components: (1) Mentoring and (2) CLE. Beginning Lawyers receive written confirmation from the TILPP Director for their records upon successful completion of both components. To Complete CLE – Attendance is automatically reported to our computer database if you attend CLE events facilitated by ICLE of Georgia because a portion of your registration fee pays for that service. If they attend CLE events facilitated by other CLE providers, you must insure that the CLE provider will forward proof of attendance to the State Bar of Georgia CLE department. Remember, all attorneys can check their CLE status online by logging on to the State Bar of Georgia website. To Complete Group Mentoring – Participate in six (6) hours of Group Mentoring activities. Generally, each individual Group Mentoring activity last three (3) hours, but program agendas are subject to change.

  13. Which members of the State Bar of Georgia are required to complete MCLE?

    Complete and submit the Completion of Judicial Clerkship Form to the State Bar of Georgia Transition Into Law Practice Program. Upon receipt of your completion form, you will receive complete information about how to enroll in TILPP, or how to request an exemption from TILPP.

  14. While on inactive status, would I have to take CLE hours? Are there other requirements to maintain inactive status besides paying inactive dues?

    You are not required to take CLE hours while you are inactive. There are no other requirements to maintain your inactive status. You may remain inactive for an unlimited amount of time. While you are inactive it is very important to keep your address updated with the Bar and pay your dues. You may change your address by clicking here.

  15. Who is exempt from MCLE?

    (a) Newly admitted attorneys who elect to take Inactive Status (Rule 8-104 (C)(1)); (b) attorneys practicing in other jurisdictions admitted on motion without taking the Georgia Bar Examination (Rule Rule 8-104 (B)(1)(a)); (c) Foreign Law Consultants (Rule 8-104 (B)(1)(a)); (d) attorneys passing the "1-Day Attorney Examination" who meet other pertinent minimum previous law practice requirements (Rule 8-104 (B)(1)(a)); and, (e) attorneys admitted to practice in Georgia but with principal practices in another state (Rule 8-104 (C)(4)) or Rule 8-106(A)(6)).

  16. Would I have to take CLE hours to regain my active status from inactive?

    You will owe CLE for the year you activate in as well as any hours that you owed CLE from prior years when you deactivated. These hours would need to be completed by March of the following year.

    You will owe CLE for the current year even if you are only active for one day, week, etc. during the year. Be sure to consider this when you are activating at the end of a year.

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