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  1. Are Journey Through Justice souvenirs available?

    Yes. Every student receives a free personalized Honorary Attorney for the Day certificate. In addition, students and teachers may purchase a Journey Through Justice patch. Patches are $1.00 each (tax is included). We do not have change available. We suggest that you collect patch money from students in advance of the tour.

  2. Can homeschool groups attend Journey Through Justice?

    Yes. Homeschool groups may attend Journey Through Justice on Mondays and Tuesdays. If your group wants to come on another day of the week, we will try to accommodate you, but we may not be able to provide free parking in our parking deck. Our program is designed for students in grades 4-12 , so we do ask that you make alternate arrangements for any younger siblings.

  3. How do I book a Journey Through Justice tour?

    Journey Through Justice tours are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, and we begin accepting reservations five years in advance. Determine which dates are available by clicking the calendar HERE and confirm that your preferred date does not conflict with your school calendar (holidays, early release dates, testing). You may book a tour by contacting a member of the Law-Related Education Department:

    Deborah Craytor, director, Law-Related Education
    Email: deborahcc@gabar.org
    Phone: 404-527-8785

    Shannon Jenkins, program assistant, Law-Related Education
    Email: shannonj@gabar.org
    Phone: 404-526-8617

  4. How do students prepare for the mock trial?

    We use the lunch break to prepare students with speaking roles for the mock trial.  We cannot supply the scripts in advance. The students use the scripts throughout the trial (no memorizing).

  5. How is a mock trial selected for my tour?

    We generally select a mock trial for your students to perform based on the law lesson topic you select. Once you select a lesson, you will receive an email with a brief description of your trial and a list of speaking roles. We ask that you select your best readers as it makes the trial go more smoothly. Students not assigned roles will serve as jurors.

  6. How many times can my school attend Journey Through Justice during a single school year?

    There is no limit on the number of days a particular school may attend Journey Through Justice during the school year. For instance, if you want to bring more than our maximum of 70 students, you can schedule multiple dates in order to accommodate your entire group.

  7. How much does a Journey Through Justice tour cost?

    There is no charge.

  8. Is there a lunch break during the tour?

    Yes. Students and teachers should bring a sack lunch; we provide soft drinks. There will not be an opportunity to leave the tour to purchase lunch. Do not order lunch as we cannot accommodate deliveries. Additionally, we do not have a microwave or vending machine.

  9. Should my students be prepared to take notes?


  10. What are the law lesson topics?

    We offer a variety of law lessons correlated to the Georgia Performance Standards; among the topics we can cover are torts, contracts, juvenile delinquency and unruliness, and business crimes. When you book a tour, you'll receive the full list of law lesson selections to choose from. A sample list of lessons available during the 2014-2015 school year can be found HERE.

  11. What can I expect during a Journey Through Justice tour?

    When the students arrive, they are greeted by Edith Galt Wilson, Woodrow Wilson's second wife. She tells them about his life and takes them on a tour of his law office, which has been reproduced in our lobby.

    The students then have a law lesson taught by an experienced attorney or teacher docent. At the end of the law lesson, the students are given a "bar exam," which may be either oral or written; of course, everyone passes and receives an Honorary Attorney for the Day certificate, personalized with their name.

    The students break for lunch. During lunch, those students selected for speaking roles in the mock trial are given their scripts to review.

    After lunch, the students go to our fully functioning courtroom, where they put on a scripted mock trial. Students who do not have speaking roles serve as jurors.
    The students then tour our Museum of Law and watch a 12-minute film called "Reel Justice."

  12. What grades can attend Journey Through Justice?

    We welcome students in grades 4-12.

  13. What if I want to participate in Journey Through Justice but can't travel to the Bar's headquarters?

    We do have alternatives available; please contact a member of the Law-Related Education Department for details.

  14. What is covered in the Museum of Law?

    The Museum of Law contains walls on such topics as the civil rights movement, independent judiciary, the death penalty, and famous Georgia and U.S. cases. You may select one of these walls as the focus of your museum visit, or you may choose to have your docent select the museum content to be covered. The list of available focus areas can be found on the website. The museum tour begins with a 12-minute film called "Reel Justice," a compilation of 75 clips from Hollywood movies dealing with the law and lawyers.

  15. What is the maximum number of students I can bring?

    The maximum number of students we can accommodate on a single day is 70 and the minimum is 20, although the ideal group size is 25-40 students.

  16. What should my students wear to Journey Through Justice?

    There is no official dress code, but our experience has been that students who "dress for court" generally seem to pay more attention and behave more appropriately.

  17. What time does the tour begin and what time does it end?

    The Journey Through Justice tour is four hours long. We ask that students arrive by 9:30 a.m. and stay until approximately 2 p.m. (this includes bathroom breaks and time spent moving from one room to the next). If you cannot stay for the full four hours, please let us know in advance so that we may plan accordingly. Please keep in mind, however, that parts of the tour will have to be shortened or eliminated if you cannot stay for the full four hours.

  18. What will happen once I schedule my Journey Through Justice?

    1. You will receive a checklist, which includes the list of law lessons and museum topics, that will need to be filled out, and returned within seven business days.
    2. Once the checklist has been returned, you will receive the official confirmation email that contains all of the logistics and details for the visit.
    3. After the confirmation email you will receive your mock trial roles.
    4. You will get a one-week email reminder if we have not received your list of student names.
    5. A three-day "Are You Ready" email, summarizing our understanding of the logistical details for your tour. If you do not receive these emails, please check your junk or spam folders first, then contact us by email or telephone.

  19. Where do we park if we're traveling by bus?

    Do not unload the bus in front of the building. Your bus driver should continue past our building to the traffic light at Fairlie Street. Turn right on Fairlie Street, and then take the first right-hand turn into the alley behind our building. Look on the right-hand side of the alley for the sign which says "Unloading/Loading Here for Journey Through Justice." Once the students have exited the bus, the bus should park on the right-hand side of the alley, between the base of the stairs and Loading Bay #3. The bus should remain there until the end of the tour, as we reload students there rather than on the street to avoid blocking traffic in the afternoon.

    In the event of rain or other inclement weather, students should exit the bus into Loading Bay #3 itself, where we will be waiting, so that they can stay as dry as possible. The bus should follow the parking directions above.

  20. Where do we park if we're traveling by car?

    If you will be traveling by private cars instead of a bus, you should park in our parking deck at the corner of Spring Street and Marietta Street (adjacent to our building); we will validate your parking, so please bring your parking ticket in with you. Also, please bring lunches and anything else you will need for the day. Cars should come to the sixth floor of the parking deck and drop off students at the door marked “Entrance to Conference Center,” where a docent will be waiting for them, before parking. Once you park, you should return to the conference center entrance, which will put you on the third floor of the building. The docent or a security officer will direct you to an available conference room, where we will assemble until everyone in the group has arrived and we can proceed to our classroom for the day (SB-1), which is located on the sub-basement level. 

    Please note: Most passenger vans will not fit in our parking garage due to height. Please contact a member of the LRE Department for alternative parking options if you plan on traveling by passenger van.

  21. Where is the State Bar of Georgia located?

    We are at 104 Marietta Street, N.W., Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

    Driving directions:

        From the East on I-20: Take the Windsor-Spring Exit. Turn right on Spring Street. Turn right on Marietta Street.

        From the West on I-20: Take the Windsor-Spring Exit. Turn left on Spring Street. Turn right on Marietta Street.

        From the South on 75-85: Take Andrew Young International Boulevard Exit. Turn left on Andrew Young International Boulevard. Turn left on Centennial Parkway. Turn left on Marietta Street.

        From the North on 75-85: Take Williams Street Exit. Turn right on Andrew Young International Boulevard. Turn left on Centennial Parkway. Turn left at Marietta Street.

        From Marta -- Five Points Station: Exit the train station heading towards Peachtree Street. Turn left out of the station onto Peachtree Street. Follow Peachtree Street to Marietta Street. Turn left on Marietta Street. Follow Marietta Street for four blocks.

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