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  1. Can CLE hours be carried forward?

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  2. Can any CLE hours be taken by online or other distance learning format?

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  3. How are CLE exemptions taken by attorneys?

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  4. How can I view my CLE record?

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  5. If I am inactive and wish to take CLE hours anyway are there any restrictions?

    Up to two years of CLE hours (24 credit hours) taken while inactive can be carried over and applied when you reactivate.

  6. If I live out of state and do not practice in Georgia, am I required to go inactive?

    You are not required to change to inactive status. In order to eliminate the CLE requirement if you are not practicing in Georgia and live out of state, you may file an out of state exemption. Please contact CLE at 404-527-8710 for additional information about CLE.

  7. What are sponsor fees and attorney fees?


  8. What are sponsor fees and attorney fees?

    All courses entered into our CLE database are charged a $5 per hour per attorney fee. Sponsors of the seminars are required to pay this fee for courses held in Georgia. Attorneys are required to pay this fee for courses held outside of Georgia or in other circumstances such as online seminars when the sponsor does not pay the fee. An attorney can pay the $5 per hour fee to the State Bar of Georgia when attendance is reported to us, or can be billed on the Annual Report that is mailed in January of each year.

  9. What is the yearly CLE requirement?

    General guidelines are provided in the Constitution, but individual schools are encouraged to tailor student membership requirements to recognize each school's unique curriculum, extra-curricular activities, volunteer opportunities, and student body. Faculty members are asked to ensure each student's consistent and regular attendance at chapter meetings and to confirm that each student is actually participating in at least one law-related activity and at least one law-related community service project. Additionally, school chapters can set a GPA requirement, but not less than the 3.0 set by the Georgia Law Honor Society.

  10. Which members of the State Bar of Georgia are required to complete MCLE?

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  11. While on inactive status, would I have to take CLE hours? Are there other requirements to maintain inactive status besides paying inactive dues?

    You are not required to take CLE hours while you are inactive. There are no other requirements to maintain your inactive status. You may remain inactive for an unlimited amount of time. While you are inactive it is very important to keep your address updated with the Bar and pay your dues. You may change your address by clicking here.

  12. Who are the arbitrators?

    There are normally three. Two are attorneys who must have a minimum of five years' experience practicing law. One is a non-lawyer public member. In cases with a disputed amount of $2,500 or less, one lawyer arbitrator may decide the case. They all serve voluntarily and without fee. These arbitrators, not the State Bar of Georgia, decide your case. The State Bar facilitates the Fee Arbitration process by coordination and administration of the program.

  13. Who is exempt from MCLE?

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  14. Would I have to take CLE hours to regain my active status from inactive?

    You will owe CLE for the year you activate in as well as any hours that you owed CLE from prior years when you deactivated. These hours would need to be completed by March of the following year.

    You will owe CLE for the current year even if you are only active for one day, week, etc. during the year. Be sure to consider this when you are activating at the end of a year.